Hurricane Ivan Remembered.

Hurricane Ivan passed over Grand Cayman on September 11th & 12th, 2004, battering the island with strong winds, inducing island wide flooding from storm surge and causing massive devastation. 10 foot waves were reported in our usually calm North Sound and waves up to 30 feet waves bashed the shorelines. While it came in over night on Saturday, the Catagory 5 hurricane made its closest approach at 10 am on Sunday when the eye passed 21 miles SW of the Grand Cayman with winds of 150 mph and gusts of 220 mph.

I look through these photos and the memories come flooding back. No cell phones, no water or electric for months, no mosquito plane, no air con, no internet, limited food supplies and the insurance ‘offices” as well as many other buildings were marked with arrows drawn on cardboard and stapled to whatever was around. 70% of homes ¬†were severely damaged and over 50% of all the trees and cars destroyed.

For those who have been living or have been coming to Cayman for years, you may recognize many of the landmarks in the photos or you may not. It is amazing to see how Cayman has rebuilt and thrives again. Let’s hope for a quiet hurricane season in 2013.

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